Our Mission is Our Passion
Prematurity is a global problem that is exacting a huge toll emotionally, physically and financially on families, the medical system and economies. Neonatal Technologies was founded to help these babies heal and grow to their fullest potential.

Neonatal Technologies strives to deliver solutions that meet the needs of the smallest, most fragile patients, their families, and the staff that cares for them through ingenuity and passion.
What We Do
Our business is segmented into three areas of operations and development:
  1. Promote newborn health and healing
    Each year, approximately one in 10 newborns is admitted to neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in the United States. These NICU patients are more vulnerable and dependent on the care they receive by professionals. They continually develop and mature into amazing human beings. These fragile babies require holistic, innovative solutions that go beyond traditional practices to promote growth and healing.

  2. Assist hospital staff
    NICU patients require specialized care until their families can easily and safely care for them at home. Hospitalized care may be supportive, palliative, or surgical in nature and is determined by the individual needs of the infant. Technological developments have rapidly advanced neonatal care. These technologic interventions allow for greater medical support and management of sicker and smaller preterm infants.

  3. Ease parental anxieties and foster bonding
    The NICU is a frightening and foreign place for new parents. Once settled in the unit, the baby will receive care tailored to his or her individual needs. Parental bonding in this setting is crucial. However, the amount and complexity of equipment can be overwhelming for parents. Encouraging and supporting parents to physically touch, soothe and talk to their baby will help parents gain confidence and begin to form those very important bonds of attachment.